Request for Proposal for a Quick Impact Study of one of past HR interventions - Group Supervision Session

Kamonohashi Project has retained Strategic Alliance Management Services Pvt. Ltd. (SAMS), New Delhi for facilitating the hiring process of consultant/consulting Organization for Quick Impact Study of one of past HR interventions – Group Supervision Session.

This is a call to Request for Proposals from potential consultants to conduct a quick impact study of the HR interventions – Group Supervision Session, that Kamo had supported over a period of 12 months for the members of its partner organizations. Through this study, Kamo is interested in knowing what kind of effect this intervention has left with participants and therefore is keen to conduct an independent impact assessment to obtain semi-structured, authentic, and unbiased feedback on this intervention.

1. About Client

Kamonohashi Project (Kamo), a Japanese philanthropic organisation founded in 2002, aims at creating a world without human trafficking. It has been supporting organizations and projects in India since 2012 that aim to combat human trafficking and to strengthen access to justice by the survivors of human trafficking through systems strengthening approach. As an organization, Kamo facilitates breaking polarization in development debates through dialogue and deep listening. Kamo also strongly believes in leadership development in survivors and among organizational founders and second line leaders to strengthen the ecosystem of the civil society sector.

2. Background

In a leadership programme Kamo supports since 2018, the role of social workers was inclined to be the facilitator between the survivors of human trafficking and the State on their entitlements as well as the facilitator to explore what leadership programme means to NGOs and survivors. This group supervision session aimed at identifying the difficulties Leadership Next facilitators and coordinators faced vis-à-vis survivors, their families and duty-bearers and at setting up structure to deal with group dynamics, difficulties they faced for their work as well as their personal development focusing on general functioning. While the consultant who provided this training conducted end-line assessment about the impact of those 15.5 sessions, independent assessment was not conducted. Furthermore, Kamo has observed that participated facilitators grappled with clarity of their role-taking and persistent group dynamics among facilitators which seems to have weakened their general functioning.

3. Objective of the Quick Impact Study

The impact study of this intervention aims at to gauge how these sessions have benefitted/impacted the facilitators in dealing with their facilitator role-taking in their workspace as well as improving their general functioning and decide whether to continue with these sessions in near future for them as a response towards the request placed by the facilitators for resuming the sessions.

4. Hypothesis being tested through Group Supervision Sessions

Group Supervision sessions with a skilled/ trained therapist help frontline social workers and those working in coordination and managerial positions identify areas of stress as well as their individual, organizational and collective resources to deal with challenges, conflicts, dissonances, doubts and dilemmas, fears and anxiety pertaining to their role-effectiveness, and ultimately build their personal capacities in problem solving, critical thinking and building role effectiveness.

5. Evaluation should be able to respond to the following suggestive questions

  • To what extent, have the facilitators been able to strengthen their case work/ case management skills through case conferences and discussions, after completing the 15.5 group supervision calls?
  • According to the participating members, how these group supervisions helped them to build their personal capacities in problem and critical thinking? How are these perceived by their respective organizational supervisors and management group of Kamo?
  • Have the facilitators been able to identify individual, organizational as well as collective resources to deal with the challenges pertaining to their role effectiveness?
  • Have they been able to inculcate the process of self -reflection and personal growth in their daily functioning?
  • How has been their experience of working as a team/support group?
  • What have been the impact of this group supervision by the therapist onto the participating members?

6. Assessment Methodology: To be proposed, in detail, by the Consultant/ Consulting Organization

Please Note:

  • Consultant may choose to conduct the study either virtually or using offline mode (i.e., through field visits).
  • Consultant is expected to interview 12 facilitators who reside in South and North 24 Parganas in West Bengal and 1 resource person who conducted this group supervision session and resides in Kolkata.

7. Expected Deliverables:

  • Inception report
  • Final report responding to all research questions mentioned above
  • Recommendations for future intervention

8. Budget:

Consultant must specify the Budget with justifications and clear break-down of the proposed budget (including unit price).

9. Schedule for the Assignment:

  • Queries, if any, to be emailed to by 14 April 2021, and response thereof shall be furnished by 16 April 2021.
  • Proposal submission by: 18 April 2021
  • Finalization of the consultant by: 23 April 2021
  • Contract to be signed by: 30 April 2021
  • Assignment to start from: 05 May 2021
  • Closure of assignment (finalization of the final report) by: 05 June 2021

10. Eligibility Criteria of Consultant

The potential consultant for this impact assessment study of Group Supervision Sessions must be from psychology background and familiar with personal growth work and the social sector. The consultant must be versed in Bengali and be able to develop frameworks, tools, and analysis of assessment for this task.

11. Documents required from prospective applicant to be submitted by 18 April 2021 to:

  • CV of the consultant/ team of consultants
  • Proposal with evaluation methodology, time-frame and budget with justification
  • Sample report of any of similar assignments carried out in the past

Download this RFP document from this link: