About Us

Strategic Alliance Management Service P Ltd. (SAMS) is a general management consultancy, exclusivelyfocused on servicing the needs of the Health and Development Sectors in India.

SAMS commenced operations in 1990 and was formally incorporated in 1995. SAMS’ exclusive focus on the Health and Development Sectors dates back to 1997.

Management Consultancy Services (MCS) Division is mainly involved in providing Supply Chain Management services since the year October 2000, to vital National Health Programmes. Under Supply Chain Management Project for Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) SAMS is tracking and monitoring the utilization & availability of anti TB drugs & MDR TB drugs at National, State, Districts and TU level.

Apart from RNTCP, since June 2009 SAMS is also involved in monthly tracking & monitoring of availability and utilization of anti malarial drugs, diagnostics and other supplies at National, State, District & Sub-district Levels under National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme.

SAMS was briefly involved in supply chain management of ARV Drugs for around eight months during the period 2007-2008 across 150+ ART Centers across the country.

SAMS is also providing Training & Capacity Building Services to Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) at Zonal as well as State Level. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were developed for Supply Chain Management of first line anti TB Drugs and MDR TB Drugs at the District TB Centers & State Drugs Stores. Training Manual was also developed to impart trainings to District TB Officers, Medical Officers, Medical Consultants, Pharmacists & Storekeepers involved in supply chain management of TB Control Programme.

In respect of Malaria Programme, SAMS is also providing Supply Chain & Inventory Management Trainings to District VBD Officers, VBD Consultants, Pharmacists, Finance & Logistics Assistants & Store Keepers etc in World Bank Districts across the Country. SAMS has also endeavored to provide SC& IM Trainings to atleast one official from each of the Block PHCs under the World Bank Districts.

The Division presently has twenty one full-time Management Consultants, SCM Consultant and IT support professionals stationed onsite & Offsite for operations, monitoring and oversight of RNTCP and NVBDCP projects.

SAMS HR Consulting is widely recognized to be India’s premier recruitment consultancy for the health and development sectors, with an unmatched track record of more than 5,000 successful appointments over the past 15 years. SAMS HR Consulting commenced providing outsourcing and pay-rolling support in 2000 and currently maintains more than 200 health and logistics professionals on its payroll.

SAMS HR Consulting Services Division presently has fifteen full-time consultants, including four IT support professionals. Additionally five consultants are directly engaged with Outsourcing/ Pay-rolling projects, with need-based specialist inputs on regulatory matters from associate firms of Chartered Accountants and Advocates & Solicitors.