Capacity Assessment & Selection of Organizations as Sub-Recipient (SR) of Global Fund Round 4, Phase II Grant

About Client

Alliance India is a non-governmental organisation operating in partnership with civil society, government and communities to support sustained responses to HIV in India that protect rights and improve health. Complementing the Indian national programme, HIV Alliance builds capacity, provides technical support and advocates to strengthen the delivery of effective, innovative, community-based HIV programmes to vulnerable populations affected by the epidemic.

Project Description

SAMS undertook this project in January 2013 to develop a comprehensive assessment tool for the bid selection process in consultation with Alliance India team. A detailed bid document was prepared for the “Capacity Assessment Process” and the same was floated in appropriate external platforms inviting proposals from organizations. Initial screening of the bids received and shortlisting of the organizations for detailed assessment process was carried out. Bid documents were finalised and circulated. Orientation workshops were also carried out in co-ordination with AI. Once the log-list prospective SRs were agreed, Visit-based review outcomes were carried out. Post this, SAMS submitted the final Assessment reports and the draft Assessment tool.